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Emacs, mail and the missing short cut

I've been using emacs for the last 20+ years. For that time, I've been using emacs for email for the most part as well. I've been heavily into gnus, dabbled with notmuch and been using mu for a while.

Recently, I've moved back to gnus, mainly because I had the feeling that in mu, some old mails short of dropped out of my awareness - I know, they should have been handled earlier. While using Gnus I saw, that gnus supported displaying emojis, but I missed the awesome search power of mu.

So digging into it a little bit, I found the missing short cut, which enables me to see all the messages. The short cut is Q and maps to this function:

(mu4e-headers-toggle-full-search &optional DONT-REFRESH)

A bit more searching around the web, I saw a solution for the emoji annoyance. Adding the following to the config file, emojis are display.

(with-eval-after-load "emojify"
  (delete 'mu4e-headers-mode emojify-inhibit-major-modes))