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Software and setup

So just to get started. There are a lot of writing platforms in existence. Everything to server based to static hosted solutiuons.

Most notably in my mind comes platforms such as:

The list list goes on and on.

In my case the main criteria for choosing a platform were:

This site is built using hugo.

Next on my list was hosting. I wanted something hosted by someone else. I work with computers all day, and didnt want to run a website on top of that as well.

I looked into:

I started by looking at Netlify as I've used them previously and found it pretty easy to work with. Alas when, I wanted to deploy the initial setup of this, it turns out I was using a theme for Hugo that required a hugo newer than the one provided by

I had been reading Hosting & Deployment on the Hugo website and found the Github Pages description less than optimal. The Host on Gitlab with using a local CI/CD pipeline with docker, was pretty nice. So thats what I went with.

In retrospective typing this, makes me realize that perhaps the same could have been done using Github Actions.

All in all I am pretty happy with the workflow around writing and publishing.

Things I will be looking into in the future:

  • An about page

  • Something releated to taxonomy of tags