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On Documentation

Here locally, most of the country is still some what locked down. So is work. Everybody as been remote since mid-march. We've been split in 3-4 locations before, so by and large it is not something new.

The last couple of years we've been co-located a couple of days per week. This has led to a shift in how we work and I've found. Some of it has been me not paying attention enough, and some of it has been because it was just quicker and easier to discuss things at the whiteboard.

When we first started being remote, I went over REMOTE: Office Not Required, written by DHH and Jason Fried. The founders of Basecamp. Basecamp is a remote-first company, and they obviously have a working solution. A little while ago I read through their thoughts on how to communicate - captured in their Guide to Internal Communication.

It's a pretty good document, which resonated with me especially the parts of long-form writing. I had a hunch, that actually putting things into writing forces the writer to think things through in more thorough way, than when just discussed at a whiteboard.

So in order to try to walk that line, I've been trying to actually write down some of the changes I am working on at work - also this blog is also along the same lines. So far my experience does align well with my motivations for doing more long-form writing. I do actually find that writing down some of the upcoming work actually helped expose angles that I had not thought about when I started.

So for now I think, I will try keep writing. Hopefully also keep this going.

Guess that's another day, another piece written.