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On the blogging challenge ..

Looking over the last 20 or so days, I should have been posting a lot more. Turns out it's not that easy getting into the habit of writing a blog post a day.

It certainly didnt help that pretty soon after the inception work went completely mental.

I do, however, enjoy the proces of writing, so I will will see if I can't find a rythm for actually writing more.

Just to add a little something, trying to get into the rust, I've been reading rust resources. There seems to be a lot of nice standard unix tools having rust replacements, or drop-ins.

Some of those are rather nice. A short list:

  • bat - a cat/less/more replacement

  • dust - figure out what is eating all the space on the drive

  • ripgrep - find things quickly.

  • ncspot - Spotify for the terminal