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Today¸ more so than ever, I am thrilled that even though emacs has been around for ages, a lot of new and shiny things are built for it.

I am heavily invested in emacs for most of my work setup for writing, coding, handling emails, keep track of time, task management, orchestrating changes on customers setup. Emacs is a key component in all of those activities. So I really like that there are so many people working to extending it.

For the most part the days of having a single IDE for a specific set of technologies are mostly gone. The only things still locked in their heavy IDE seems to the .Net and JVM based setups. Languages such as Go, Rust, Elm, or Elixir are pretty well supported by using LSP. This makes it a lot nicer to pick the tools you are most comfortable with - it being vscode, atom, sublime, emacs or vim.

I'm hoping that JVM and .Net situation will follow suit.

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